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Friday, June 3, 2011

What I have learned recently about God/Jesus's Love

God's Love is so unconditional!  He has unlimited charity for each of His children!  How amazing yet incomprhensible is that!    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf describes the infinite capacity of our Father's when he declared,  "He loves us because He is filled with an infinite measure of holy, pure, and indescribable love. We are important to God not because of our résumé but because we are His children. He loves every one of us, even those who are flawed, rejected, awkward, sorrowful, or broken. God’s love is so great that He loves even the proud, the selfish, the arrogant, and the wicked" (  The scriptures exhort us to "pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart that ye may be filled with this love which he hath bestowed upon all who are true disciples of his son Jesus Christ" (

Over the past few days I have worked on praying to God with all the energy of my heart to be filled with His love.  It has helped me love people so much more!!!  It is beginning to change who I am as a disciple of Jesus Christ!!  I testify that if you pray to God to be filled with His love that you will feel much more empowered to accomplish your purpose in life!!  The love of God will soften your heart, help you love others more unconditionally, and give you the utmost assurance of peace from the Father himself during your down times.  I am coming to know that this is really true!!  I know that God's love is real!! I testify of this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.